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The Organizational Barometer


The analytical instrument called the "Organizational Barometer" visualizes whether an organization (a system; company, department, team) is collectively located more in the Room of Contentment and Inspiration (both upper rooms) or if the organization is situated more in the Rooms of Self-Censorship and Confusion.

Based on a questionnaire comprising 40 questions, each member of the team  individually assesses his or her impression of how he or she experiences the culture of the team; each of the 40 factors are given a score that reflects his or her experience. Upon completion, the points of each team member are collected and tabulated onto a single, central poster. This poster visualizes the team's joint assessment of its current location within the Four Rooms of Change.

The idea of allowing a team to locate itself as a team within the Four Rooms is to strengthen or fortify those factors that sustain a culture typical of the  Rooms of Contentment and Inspiration and to minimize or eliminate those factors that are typical of the Rooms of Self-Censorship and Confusion.

To summarize: The objective of the Organizational Barometer is to develop an action plan of specific to-dos. These to-dos refer to specific actions to increase the influence of the Rooms of Contentment and Inspiration, and specific actions to mitigate and diminish the influence of the Rooms of Self-Censorship and Confusion. The overall objective is to implement change with the purpose of increasing productivity (managing the magical triangle comprising quality, budget and time).

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